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Find the best distributors for your IVF medical devices:

Where do you want to distribute your product?

Select countries, find a distributor and contact them directly.

Why use FinDBest IVF?

Optimal Value

Pay for the information you need, with no initial investment in time- consuming, expensive participation in lengthy exhibitions or field commercial missions.

2 Clicks to get data

One quick registration and 1 scroll/ down to select your countries to get a curated short list of local distributors by country including relevant annual Congresses.

Immediate connection with potential partners

Validated contact info for immediate interaction and sharing of interest and company/ product information.

Unlock New Markets and Find the Best Distributors for Your IVF/Fertility Devices Worldwide

Quickly and Easily with Our B2B Marketplace!

Our B2B marketplace is designed to help IVF device manufacturers easily find the right distributors in any country they choose. Our platform offers practical data on distributors worldwide, so you can quickly find and directly contact the best fit for your products. With our platform, you can unlock new markets for your IVF/fertility devices and take your business to the next level.


The Platform.

What type of medical device manufacturers can register at FinDBest IVF?

Our B2B marketplace is open to all medical device manufacturers that produce products or technologies to be used in invitro fertilization Hospitals or Clinics, and therefore, by either fertility doctors, embryologists or other lab technicians, regardless of their size or location.

Can I find medical devices listed in the platform?

We do not list medical devices in the platform. Medical device manufacturers register in the platform aiming at finding best distributors for their products and technologies.

What information do I get from the distributors listed in the platform?

Our intention is that you will get very practical information that allow you to identify the distributor, contact them directly through the platform or their website as well as other information regarding their operations like segments they sell products in, other brands (when available) or links to their business certifications pages.

What countries are currently supported by your platform?

Our platform currently supports access from many countries that you will get displayed one signing to one of the plans available.

How does the platform ensure the quality and accuracy of the data?

Through our technology we take the data directly from the source and just format it visually for a better usage of it.

Does the platform provide access to research reports related to medical device markets?

We do not sell or sponsor any market research company or study. However, in the section IVF Market we offer info and links to interesting, industry relevant market studies of open access in Internet that may lead or offer additional information or services.

The Distributors.

How can I be sure that the distributors on the platform are legitimate?

All distributors on the platform are vetted by our team, checking they are used by top players in the industry. Moreover, the distributors listed are currently used by major manufacturers/ players in the segment and therefore, they have been also validated and even quality audited by their QA and regulatory teams.

How can I narrow down my search to specific distributors?

You can filter by region and country. From there you will have a number of potential partners.

How can I be sure the distributors are actually fit to sell my products?

We have aimed at providing straightforward, commercial and practical information, to facilitate the user i.e. manufacturer forming a quick, preliminary opinion of whether or not the product might be complementary or competing with what the particular distributor is currently offering in its local market. You can also easily check their profile in the website to assess if that would be an ideal partner for your products.

How do I register if I am a distributor wishing to attract or evaluate new products for my IVF portfolio?

You can contact us and share the information via email to We will evaluate the application and load the info accordingly. You will receive an email with the confirmation.

Can I contact distributors directly through the platform?

Yes! You can use our platform to contact distributors directly once you sign to one of our plans and select the countries of your interest you will be shown distributors available in those countries and clear indications on how to contact them.

How do I find distributors in a specific country?

You only need to sign to one of the plans available and go to the list of countries and click the ones you are interested in.

How often are the distributors and Congresses updated?

The distributors and congresses are updated regularly. However, take into account that some societies update dates very early in advance while others may do 1-2 months prior to the actual event.

Is there a way to compare the distribution prices of different countries?

Distribution prices depends on a high number of variables including purchasing prices, incoterm, landing/ customs costs, storing, taxes, etc. So it is not possible for us to do that. We put in contact manufacturers with distributors. From there it is their interest to reach any deal.

Plans & Pricing.

What are the price plans available?

We offer a range of price plans to suit your needs. Check here.

Are there any additional fees for accessing the platform?

Apart from the value plans there are no other fees at the platform.

Is there a limit to the number of countries that can be selected?

The number of countries is specified in the plan chosen.

Are there any restrictions on the number of searches that can be performed?

The plan determines the number of countries that you can access. Once selected the number of countries purchased, new countries will only be possible to access through upgrading the plan.

Other Services and Data.

Are all distributors for a country based in that same country?

Not necessarily. Actually there are a number of distributors that serve different countries in a region or continent and even countries from different, far away regions, based on their contacts and network. As such it may happen that you will see for example in Bulgaria distributors for which the office address is Romania.

Does the platform provide insights on market trends for medical devices?

We will be providing information for the IVF market as well as news, main congresses and useful sales, marketing and business development tips and tools to validate, engage, negotiate and sign contracts with potential partners.

Do you provide consultancy services?

We do not provide consultancy and services as such. Based on your inquiry we may direct you to expert professionals we know they work on these kind of projects. We may structure this better in the future to provide a more standardized service through the platform.

Can I get support to engage or negotiate with distributors?

In the blog section you can already find information intended to support you shaping your conversations with potential distributors. We will keep up loading practical material related to sales, marketing and business development activities, including how to properly select and validate leads and prospects, how to structure your opportunities, how to target countries, how to negotiate, shape strong contracts, etc.